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  10 January at 19:00
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Christmas & mdash; the most mysterious, most beloved, one of the funniest and most important holidays in the national calendar.

The Christmas time, which fell on the period of the winter solstice, most fully showed the deep connection between man and nature. The whole life of the peasant was associated with the circulation of the sun. Perhaps there is not a single nation on earth who did not celebrate these days anyway. & Nbsp;

Christmas eve began with caroling on Christmas Eve. This is how holiday patrols of houses with singing carols were called. The name itself is the “laver” is of Latin origin and is familiar to us by the modern word "calendar". In the carols ("calendars", "" tausenia "," osenis ", in the north" vineyards ") the owners of the house were famous and contained all sorts of good wishes. Everything said these days acquired a special meaning and power, therefore people had to be cheerful and generous, tables & mdash; rich and words & mdash; good.

At holy evenings, they glorified Christ, sang special Christites and tropari & mdash; songs that tell the story of the Nativity of Christ; children, young people and adults walked around the courtyards with the stars (pre-Christian sun sign), symbolizing the Bethlehem star, special vertep performances were played out.

The premiere of the ensemble Den was held in 1980 in the Znamensky Cathedral on the Barbarian in a program of spiritual music. The author of the first set of dolls and a box was the famous doll artist Sergey Tarakanov. The ensemble included a den in the program & laquo; Christmas time, you, Christmas time & raquo; (12+) and & laquo; Kolyada arrived & raquo; (6+), which is presented annually to the audience during Christmas.

All the iconic moments of the Christmas parties and the crib in the program of the Ensemble of Dmitry Pokrovsky & laquo; Svyatki, you are saints'.

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