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Спектакль-притча "ОН-ОНА"

  12 November at 17:00
Tickets availiable in ticket office or by phones: +7 (495) 621-00-22
The event has already passed

Moscow Theater "Living Water" & nbsp; represents & nbsp; the play "He-She" - a play-parable about the secrets of family happiness.

Bright, piercing & nbsp; parable about love, about loyalty, about the value of family. People who recently linked their destinies with a family union and an oath of love cannot live together for more than a year and are divorced. Why is this happening? & Nbsp; What is the main reason? & Nbsp; How to keep a family? & Nbsp; What is the secret of family happiness? & Nbsp;

We tried to figure it out and help young people avoid an irreparable mistake. & Nbsp; Thus was born a play about the ability to love and forgive. Dynamic, musical performance, with a good sense of humor and a happy ending.

The performance involves professional musicians and vocalists. Along with the word live music and singing. We are convinced that the relevance of the topic, the sharpness of the relationship of the characters, humor and the dynamics of the scenes will not leave you indifferent. And live music and the final song to the verses of the poet Svetlana Kekova will complement the impression.

N.YE.Sukhinina (writer, screenwriter):

"Serious talk about family, how important it is to keep it at any cost. & nbsp; It is thought that they have found the main thing - where it hurts. The modern family is going through times that are full of anxieties and dangers. There are many reasons for this, but this is not the case Speaking about the fact that, having felt this pain, the theater "living water" was imbued with it, made it his own, tried to say the right word, which, when said at the right time, will definitely bring gender There are a lot of songs about love & hellip; Here and "Living Water" sang its love song. We, the audience, liked it. There are no fake notes, the words of the song are simple and cordial, and the voices of the singers are clear and clear. "

Director - Larisa Nikulina

& nbsp; Performance duration: 1 hour 30 minutes. & nbsp; For the audience: from 14 years old.


For information:

Moscow Theater & laquo; Living Water & raquo; exists since 2003 and unites more than 50 professionals in their field - graduates of theatrical and musical universities of them. B.Shchukin, GITIS, Moscow Art Theater, Russian Academy of Music. Gnesinyh, the Moscow Conservatory, driven by the idea of ​​reviving the Russian national culture, the ideals of morality and goodness.

It is very important not to stand aside in a situation when a global crisis of humanity occurs, including the crisis of generally accepted values. We consider the formation of a thinking generation, which is to build the future of our country, as one of the most important tasks of our theater. In the language of the theater we are trying to promote the patriotic, spiritual and moral education of youth and children, familiarizing compatriots with the cultural and historical values ​​of Russia, together looking for answers to questions that are disturbing society, talking with the audience about friendship, family, love for the Fatherland.

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