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  17 November at 18:00
Tickets availiable in ticket office or by phones: +7 (495) 621-00-22
The event has already passed

Festive Concert & nbsp; & laquo; And Music entered the Heart & raquo; dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the International Association "The Circle of Joy", whose president is Oleg Atamanov & mdash; singer-narrator and author of 88 albums.

Oleg Atamanov conducts active concert activities on a variety of stages in our country and abroad, performing in three Slavic languages ​​(Russian, Ukrainian and Belarusian) in such genres of song creation as romances , ballads, tales, & nbsp; children's songs, ethno.

At his creative concert meetings, the master of the word heralds that the era of love and honor, kindness and conscience has come, and we cannot get away from this truth: & nbsp;

& laquo; Heralds Messenger with Good News
By the Native Side,
And the people meet him
With the Heart & mdash; tender tenderness. & nbsp;

Galloping Messenger, announcing the
of the Free Wages Decree:
“Today's Light in the Slavic Territory” - King of eternal ages! .. & raquo;

& laquo; Known and repeatedly tested: Songs born of bright thoughts, & mdash; Magic itself helps the Good People to touch & mdash; Both Heart and Soul & mdash; to the Reasonable and Eternal. And this is not mysticism. Simply, there is an opportunity to better understand oneself of the Present and, consequently, to hear the Music of its Inner Depths; on her wave we become closer to each other, because she was born by the Magic of Life & hellip; And this is called Magic & mdash; Love & raquo; & mdash; says the singer of a new time.

Who has ever visited Oleg Atamanov’s concert has never regretted his choice, because it is & mdash; unique and unforgettable phenomenon of music of the soul and heart. Overcome your doubts, any obstacles and come to meet with a living legend. We invite you!

On November 17, an interesting surprise awaits you: a collection of clothes & laquo; Kolovorot & raquo; will be shown fashion innovator Elena Sokolova, inspired by the songs of Oleg Atamanov.

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