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  19 October at 19:00
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Ekaterina Melnikova & mdash; organist, composer, improviser, one of those & nbsp; artists who sincerely create, regardless of the requirements of musical fashion or established familiar forms. She is all the time & nbsp; looking for new paint by scooping & nbsp; inspiration, as well as in modern times, and in a deep knowledge of the musical traditions of various countries and eras, selflessly dedicating their lives to art.

Catherine & mdash; laureate of international competitions Concertino & mdash; Praga I Prize, Michaela Tariverdieva & nbsp; III Prize and a special prize for the best concert program (Kaliningrad) and Lady Badge for organ improvisation & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; (London). Behind the organista & mdash; extensive experience as a soloist of the Moscow Philharmonic, a titular organist of the Roman Catholic Cathedral in Moscow, a teacher of organ improvisation class in the Russian Academy of Music. Organist led workshops in the UK (York, Undl, Cambridge, London), Tbilisi Conservatory, American University in Beirut.

Catherine performs a lot abroad & mdash; Notre Dame Cathedral, Westminster Abbey and St. Paul's Cathedral in London, Cologne Cathedral, Monaco Cathedral. Since 2010, E. Melnikova has been working on creating modern innovative organ projects in the Tchaikovsky Concert Hall and the Moscow International House of Music, revealing the instrument in all the wealth of its universal capabilities, as well as in combination with other tools, other forms of art and the latest technology. A variety of creative searches are also reflected in her discography & mdash; records on the organs of the cathedrals of Monaco, Moscow, Finland and the Netherlands.

Did you know that:
1) Ekaterina Melnikova & mdash; author of a large number of transcriptions & nbsp; for organ, as well as compositions for organ solo, organ with choir and other instruments, some of which are published in the USA and Germany (Wayne & amp; Leupold Editions and Carus-Verlag).

2) Organist is the author of the experimental music series & laquo; Organ - Restart & raquo; in the Museum of Music. & nbsp;

3) Since 2012, working closely with the cinema, performing improvisations for silent films. In 2014, at the request of Eldar Ryazanov, she voiced the legendary film by Mikhail Romm based on the novel by Guy de Maupassant "La Cruffle".

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