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  12 October at 19:00
Tickets availiable in ticket office or by phones: +7 (495) 621-00-22
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Organ & mdash; truly the king of tools. It amazes with its power, scope, volume. Over the centuries-long history of the instrument, a huge repertoire has accumulated and a set of expressive means of the organ has been developed. You can get acquainted with the organ potential palette at a concert in the Mirror Hall of Mosconcert on Pushechnaya. In addition to the organ classics (Bach and Handel), the program includes works by Vidor and Böhlmann (French composers of the XIX-XX centuries), as well as improvisations and compositions of the performer himself & mdash; Fedor Stroganov.

An electronic digital organ of the company & laquo; IOHANNUS & nbsp; will sound on the stage of the Mirror Hall. REMBRANDT & raquo;, & nbsp; fully conveys the rich timbre capabilities of the wind instrument.

Did you know that:
1. Bach and Handel were participants in numerous organ competitions.
2. & nbsp; Improvisation was initially inherent in organ skill, and organists have long been not only performers, but improvisers and composers.
3. In addition to organ performers, there are also organ masters. To power such a complex mechanism, to set up a huge number of pipes & mdash; very hard work.

The organ season opens with a musician quite famous as in our & nbsp; the country and beyond, the laureate of international competitions organist, harpsichordist and composer & ndash; Fedor STROGANOV. & Nbsp; He will perform the famous tokkaty of Bach, Vidor, Belman, his own compositions for organ with trumpet, with harp - the soloist Mikhail Basov, and also will delight the public with improvisations on Russian themes. Vocalists are participating in the program & ndash; Victoria Nosovskaya (soprano) and Anton Vinogradov (baritone).

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