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адм Ставицкая (ДКО)

  30 December at 14:00
Tickets availiable in ticket office or by phones: +7 (495) 621-00-22
The event has already passed

Before the performance you will have a cheerful New Year's Interlude "Ball in the house of Princess Olga Turkestanova."

At the New Year's ball Christmas trees you will meet with a kind Grandfather Frost, mischievous Snow Maiden and the mistress of the house. Take part in fun games and dances popular at secular balls in the 19th century. A wonderful holiday will surround you with an atmosphere of joy and magic under the wonderful music of the pianoforte and violin.

The performance "Morozko" will allow you to touch the magic of a Russian folk tale that is familiar to everyone and loved from childhood. And this fairy tale will tell about things that are very important for a small spectator: that kindness will necessarily defeat malice and cunning, that honesty and diligence will be rewarded, and pride and greed will be punished.

The tale "Morozko" tells the story of an evil stepmother, who ordered her stepdaughter to go to the forest. Through her kindness and sincerity, she remains alive. It was sheltered by Morozko himself - the master of winter, who saw in the girl incredible kindness and compassion.

But the fairy tale does not end there ... Little viewers will still get acquainted with the adventures of a sister-sloth in a winter forest. And they will learn about how the generous Morozko rewarded her.

The New Year's performance will surround the young spectators with the atmosphere of a cheerful winter holiday and will present a fabulous mood.

The author of the play and the director - Honored worker of culture of the Russian Federation YU Dyozhkin
Scenography - Y. Sudarev

The roles are performed by:
Santa Claus - Yaroslav Minaev
Nastya - Elena Zaitseva
Baba Yaga - Vadim Redin
Nasturtium - Alena Semkina
Stepmother - Dina Mirboyazova

Duration 60 minutes.

Age 3+
Without intermission.

Artistic director Honored worker of culture of the Russian Federation YU Dezhkin rd

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