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  29 April at 14:00
Tickets availiable in ticket office or by phones: +7 (495) 621-00-22
The event has already passed

A fabulous musical story about flowers and friendship.

One day, proud Narcissus learned that finding a true friend is very difficult. And the value of friendship lies in the fact that it gives confidence — we are needed by others — not because they depend on us for something or owe something, but simply because they are so interesting. < p> But before you understand it, Narcissus got into big trouble that taught him: it is very disappointing when the one with whom you want to be friends thinks only of himself and wants everyone around him to bow as a beautiful, but very proud Rose. Or makes everything do in its own way as a melancholic Violet, only dreaming about where to find a damp and dark place that would ponder enough that no one around can understand her sublime soul. Or, even worse, get into the clutches of an insidious, flattering Convor and perish, succumbing to his sweet speeches about how beautiful and clever you are, and generally the most ...

When you meet different characters Narcissus begins to understand how he lacks the kind and disinterested friendship of the charming and sweet Forget-me-not, which he did not appreciate. And fate gives the hero a second chance of returning a good friend to the joy of a wise woman Narcissus.

Duration 50 minutes
No intermission

Author of the play - E. Solovyova
Director - Honored Culture Worker of the Russian Federation Yu. Dyozhkin
Composer - V. Zhurzhalin
Artist - M. Zotov
Choreographer - E. Volkova

Roles are performed by: Narcissus - K. Denisov
Forget-me-not, Violet - E. Orlova
Vyun - V. Redin
Rosa - A. Syomkina

Artistic director Honored cultural worker of the Russian Federation Y. Dyojkin

Address: Moscow, ul. Gun 4, p. 2, Concert Hall Moskontsert (M. Kuznetsky Most)

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