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  18 October at 19:00
Price from 600
The event has already passed

The play is based on the memories of childhood. On stage & mdash; Theater Orchestra "AZ" & raquo ;! (10 +)

Children's memories of different years & ndash; from the 40s to the 80s: evacuation, the first TV set, a snowflake suit for a Christmas party, jumping in the rubber band, the turn for Yugoslav boots, a music school, a pioneer oath, etc. As well as musical hits of generations & ndash; performed by the orchestra of the theater "AZ" & raquo ;. Performance for adults ready to remember their childhood & ndash; and tell the children about it (10 +).

The idea for this performance was born two years ago. The theater decided to collect memories of different generations about its childhood, fragments of childhood years of current parents, grandparents and even great-grandmothers and great-grandfathers, and putting them to music, convey to their current children their sense of childhood as it is seen years later. The project changed its name several times.

Within the framework of the festival, “Big change” & raquo; in 2014, the presentation of the future performance was held under the name of & laquo; Tales of Childhood & raquo; and was awarded the diploma of the festival. In the spring of 2015, regular viewers & ndash; & nbsp; representatives of the target audience, parents with children 7-13 years old were invited to an open rehearsal called "How I Was Small".

Creative group: director A. Pokatilov, composer A. Peresumkin, artist D. Drobyshev and costume designer O. Oskina, compilers A. Dobrovolskaya and S. Kocherina, plastic director A. Khong and nine artists of the theater "la -Ya" they offer to dive into the world of childhood, spread out in the time frame from the end of the nineteenth century to the end of the eighties of the twentieth century. Memories of childhood playwrights, writers, artists, singers, musicians, among whom there are very famous people, will sound from the stage, accompanied by a live orchestra, the musicians of which are also the actors of the theater who are involved in the performance.

Project Manager & ndash; Irina Rudnik
Authors of the play & ndash; Andrey Pokatilov, Anna Dobrovolskaya, Andrey Peresumkin, Svetlana Kocherina
Production Designer & ndash; Dmitry Drobyshev
Costume Designer & ndash; Olga Oskina
Choreographer & ndash; Alexandra Khong (Azizbayeva)
Arranger and musical director of the project & ndash; Andrey Peresumkin
Vocal Trainer & ndash; Tatyana Karmaleeva, fashion designer & ndash; Olga Strizhakova
Lighting Designer & ndash; Anna Yushkova
Sound technician & ndash; Anatoly Dmitroshkin
Director of the production part & ndash; Ruslan Allahverdiyev
Assistant Director & ndash; Andrey Lomonosov

guitar & mdash; Ruslan Allahverdiyev
guitar & mdash; Alexander Danilov
xylophone & mdash; Andrey Deniskov - bass guitar, percussion & mdash; Natalia Zavyalova
accordion, saxophone & mdash; Natalia Klyashtornaya
bass guitar & mdash; Goziy Makhmudov
drums & mdash; Bogdan Osokin
keyboards & mdash; Vladimir Trushnikov - vocals & ndash; Konstantin Khrustachev

Premiere & mdash; & nbsp; November 18, 2016.

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