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  21 February at 19:00
Price from 400
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The program "The Faces of the Love of the Russian Village" devoted entirely to the lyric song & ndash; the closest and most understandable genre of folk art, most vividly captured in two of its incarnations & mdash; in a ditty and romance. The ensemble carefully selected songs for this program. And it was very difficult. It is impossible to contain all the variety of folk poetry, all its charm and artlessness in one evening. Indeed, in every region of Russia, in every Russian village, in every home, there live their own, unique variants of romances known or forgotten by the city, with their touching naivety and genuine sincerity of feeling. And how much unexpected courage and sparkling enthusiasm gives us a ditty, born instantaneous spiritual movement!

Don, Belgorod, Orel, Arkhangelsk, Terek, Kursk, Tula, Ryazan, Tambov, Bryansk, Kuban romances and ditties are imbued with love, love direct and true, cruel and selfless.

In this age of global cataclysms, the flow of information and high speeds, there is not enough simple warm intimacy and attention, unhurried conversation about the most intimate. We all lack love a little bit. We hope that this program will be able to give its light and warmth to anyone who wants to listen to the music in which this love lives.

The music director & mdash; Maria Nefyodova.
Director & mdash; Olga Yukecheva.

For information call: (495) 621-00-22, (495) 612-12-11, 8 (903) 716-98-81.

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