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  18 December at 19:00
Price from 300
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December 18 in the "Moscow Music Hall" will be the anniversary concert of the singer, composer, director, soloist of the legendary groups of the VIA "Korobeiniki" and "RECITAL" honored artist of the Russian Federation Alexander Levshin.

The anniversary concert will feature songs which were created in the joint work of Alexander Leonidovich with such poets as Simon Osiashvili, Ilya Reznik, Nikita Dzhigurda, Valery Bryusov, Andrey Likhachev, Elmira Urazbayev and others. Yubilyar will congratulate popular and famous stars of the theater, cinema and variety. Every spectator, who came to the concert, expects this evening a large number of musical surprises, duets and a sea of ​​"musician" unforgettable emotions and impressions!

Concerts of Alexander Levshin always give an unusual charge of energy, a lot of emotions and positive, and the artist shares his ideas, creativity, reflections, personal experience and numerous observations with the viewer.

Alexander Levshin’s first success was collaboration with the Korobeiniki VIA, the soloists of which participated in the recording of songs to the movie artistic music of Artanyan and three flies ters. " Alexander Levshin voiced, as a singer, the role of De Treville (in the frame of & mdash; n.a.SSSR Lev Durov). In the film, Alexander Leonidovich took part in the recording of the following songs: “Ballad de Trevil”, “Duet de Trevil and d” atag ”Artanyan”, “Musketeers song”, “& March” Cardinal of the Guardians of the Cardinal Raja Raja; / p>

From 1980 to 2010, Alexander Levshin was the permanent singer of the group Alla Pugacheva "RECITAL". In 1988, Alexander Levshin appears in "Alla Pugacheva's Christmas Meetings" with a song called the Afghan Requiem. In 1989, Alexander Leonidovich's first composer's vinyl "Reflection" was released at the Melody studio. In 1991, the second album of Alexander Levshin, “Cherished Words”, was released.

In 2001, Alexander Levshin became the winner of the “TEFI” award, as the director of the program “Everyone Sings a Verse by Bulat Okudzhava”. In 2003, Alexander Leonidovich Levshin was awarded the honorary title “Honored Artist of the Russian Federation” for his achievements in the field of culture and art.

In 2010, the artist presented two new concert programs “I will gather my friends” and an acoustic concert apartment "Anti-Tales". & Nbsp;
In 2015, United Music Group released a new solo album by Alexander Levshin "The Mirror of the Sky." In 2016, a new video for the song "Do not be indifferent to me." In 2017, the company United Music Group released a new single by Alexander Levshin in support of the video “If I hadn’t been you.”

As a composer, Alexander Leonidovich worked with: Irina Alegrova, Philip Kirkorov, Alexey Glyzin, Ekaterina Semenova, Anna Veski, Valery Syutkin, Alexander Kalyanov, Samotsvety group, Galina Nenasheva, Alena Apina, Sergey Kuprik, Yevgeny Gerchakov, Xenia Georgiadi, Albert Asadullin, Tõnis Mägi, Dynamite group, Irina Shvedova, State Academic Academic Academic Academic Academicic, Academician. Alexander Leonidovich Song and Dance Ensemble of the Russian Army and many others.

Alexander Leonidovich actively gives concerts in Russian cities, and the artist often visits with performances a large number of military units both in the Russian Federation and abroad.

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