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(CANCEL) The swan lake

  4 August at 19:00
Tickets availiable in ticket office or by phones: +7 (495) 680-20-49
The event has already passed
200th anniversary & nbsp; since the birth of the Russian-French choreographer & nbsp; Marius Petipa & nbsp; & ndash; holiday for the whole ballet world. Master's Performances & ndash; real classic and unforgettable sight. In the anniversary year, each theater prepares something special for the audience. & Nbsp; For almost three decades of its history, a well-known band & ndash; & nbsp; Moscow State Ballet Theater of classical choreography "La Classique" & nbsp; & ndash; showed many productions of Marius Petipa, which constitute the golden fund of world ballet. In August 2018, within the framework of the & ldquo; Ballet Seasons at the Mosconcert & rdquo; and the festival, dedicated to the 200th anniversary of M. Petipa, in the repertoire of the theater & ndash; two famous names: & nbsp; "Swan Lake" and "The Nutcracker" . The music of Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky and the genius of Marius Petipa provided these ballets with world-wide recognition. & Nbsp; The plot story of the "Swan Lake" & raquo; controversial: works of Heine, Museus, Russian folk tales appear as literary sources. One thing remains unchanged: it is a fairy tale about good and evil, about deceit and all-conquering love. However, the ballet did not immediately find a way to the listener's heart: its original choreographic edition was recognized as unsuccessful, after which the ballet was not remembered for about twenty years (it was put in a new edition by Petipa-Ivanov after Tchaikovsky’s death). Subsequently, the performance underwent many changes: almost every significant choreographer contributed to the modern look of ballet, the score of the Swan Lake & raquo; changed as well. The Moscow listener is invited to see the ballet staged by the theater of classical choreography “la classique”. This production is dedicated to the 200th anniversary of the birth of Marius Petipa and will be the pearl of the festival "ballet seasons". & Nbsp; Did you know that: & nbsp; 1) A serious composer's appeal to the genre Ballet was unthinkable in the XIX century, because there was a whole state of "ballet" & raquo; composers: for example, Caesar Pugni, Ludwig Minkus. & nbsp; 2) The plot of & laquo; Swan Lake & raquo; throughout the history of ballet, it changed very much: characters appeared and disappeared, and the dramatic finale in the 30s changed to "happy ending". & nbsp; 3) In the Soviet Union & swan lake & raquo; became a symbol of serious political upheaval: they showed ballet on television during the mourning and burial of Brezhnev, Andropov, Chernenko. Also & laquo; Swan Lake & raquo; It became one of the most memorable symbols of the August putsch of 1991, during which the production was broadcast by all TV channels for three days in a row. & nbsp; About the theater & nbsp; in 1990, the Union of theatrical figures of the USSR. The theater is headed by Academician of the Russian Academy of Arts - & nbsp; Elik Melmanovich Melikov . An artist and a designer by training, he was invited to head the BALLET THEATER OF CLASSICAL CHOREOGRAPHY & laquo; LA CLASSIQUE & raquo; as director and artistic director since its inception, and has been its permanent leader for more than 28 years. & nbsp; At present, the theater presents such pearls of classical ballets as: & nbsp; & laquo; Swan Lake & raquo ;, & laquo; The Nutcracker ", Sleeping Beauty", "La Bayadere", Romeo and Juliet "," Giselle "," Don Quixote ", & nbsp; and many other performances classical ballet

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