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Classic in Kuskovo. The golden century of Antonio Vivaldi

  22 July at 18:00
Tickets availiable in ticket office or by phones:
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& laquo; The Golden Age & raquo; Antonio Vivaldi & mdash; so you can call the first half of the 18th century, when the composer lived and worked. Most of his life was connected with Venice, in which the composer was born and received recognition. His famous concerts were known throughout Europe, especially in Germany, where even IS Bach made transcriptions of his works for the clavier and organ. The fate of the composer, however, was not so successful: for almost 200 years his music was forgotten. Only in the 1920s his manuscripts were discovered, and his music became known to the general public again. At the concert, timed to the composer's 340th anniversary, Vivaldi's instrumental and vocal-instrumental compositions will be performed. Among them there are concerts for various instruments with orchestra, sonata for flute, violin, bassoon, cello and harpsichord and other works. Of particular interest is the serenade & laquo; Rejoicing Sena & raquo ;, written for three voices with an orchestra in the French style. This dramatized work was, perhaps, ordered by the French court and glorified Paris and France.

Did you know that: 1) In serenade & la Joy of Sena & raquo; three heroes: two allegorical figures & laquo; Golden Age & raquo; (soprano) and & laquo; Virtue & raquo; (contralto) and the personification of the Seine, the deity of the stream (bass).

2) & red-haired monk & raquo; & mdash; the so-called Antonio Vivaldi. The reason for this was the color of his hair and clergy, acquired in his youth.

3) Vivaldi was also a significant opera composer, however, he encountered obstacles in this field. Once the composer was deprived of the opportunity to stage his operas in the theater of Ferrara because the cardinal forbade the composer to enter the city. This was due to Vivaldi's love affair with his former apprentice and the refusal of the 'red monk & raquo; (soprano)
Elena LOPUKHINA (mezzo-soprano)
Ilya Ushullu (bass)
Ancient Music Ensemble & laquo; LAUDES & raquo;

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