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Classic in Kuskovo. Classical music pearls

  23 August at 19:00
Price from 300
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TRANSFER CONCERT SINCE 19.07.18! Purchased tickets are valid. If you want to return the ticket, please call: 8 (495) 612-30-86, 8 (495) 612-22-80.

Pearls of chamber style will decorate the Festival & la Classica in Kuskovo & raquo; in the middle of summer. In the performance of the Tchaikovsky State Quartet and pianist Natalia Bogdanova, outstanding works will be performed for the chamber ensemble: string quartets in D minor Haydn and Mozart and piano quintet by Schumann in E flat major. The program is built in a special way; To understand this, one should know the history of the creation of these works. The string quartets of Haydn from op.76 (Erdodi & raquo;) and the Mozart quartets (designated by the author as op.10) are the result of a kind of creative dialogue. Mozart's quartets from this series are called "Haydn's", they are dedicated to Joseph Haydn, "to his father & raquo; genre of string quartet and appeared thanks to Haydn Quartets op.33, which, according to the researchers, had a tremendous impact on Mozart. It is believed that in this series of quartets Mozart achieves the highest level of skill. It was after listening to these works that Haydn made famous words addressed to Mozart's father & mdash; Leopold: "I tell you before God, as an honest man, your son & mdash; the greatest composer whom I know personally and by name; He has a taste, and above all, and the greatest knowledge in the composition. & nbsp;

Haydn's quartets of op.76 appeared after the death of Mozart. However, it is in them that the composer responds and even argues with his prematurely departed contemporary. In them he creates his own version of the genre, especially when comparing two re-minor quartets, which will be performed at the concert. Schumann's piano quintet & mdash; Exceptional for the expressiveness and the creative inspiration contained in it. It is one of Schumann's most famous chamber-instrumental works. Researchers note in it a resemblance to the piano trio of Schubert in E flat major, which the composer knew and admired.

Did you know that:

1) The Mozart Quartet in D minor, according to researchers, is beyond the scope of the genre. Perhaps for the first time in the history of the string quartet genre, Mozart speaks of something personal, intimate. Perhaps this is due to the birth of the firstborn. According to Constance, the wife of the composer, Mozart imprinted in this quartet the flour of childbirth and the appearance of a child. Mozart was deeply shocked by the birth of the first-born; Shortly after the birth of the couple left for Salzburg, leaving the child in Vienna. Upon returning back, they no longer caught the child alive.

2) The Haydn Quartets Or. 33 are called & la; Russian & raquo ;. They are dedicated to Paul I, however nothing "Russian & raquo; 3) Chamber ensembles of Schumann were composed in the so-called & laquo; year of chamber ensembles & raquo; this was preceded by 1840 & mdash; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; the year of songs & raquo; when the bulk of the composer's vocal work was written.

Natalia BOGDANOVA (piano)

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