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Classic in Kuskovo. Vienna classic. Beethoven. Haydn. Mozart.

  29 July at 18:00
Price from 300
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Piano trio & mdash; one of the most common genres of chamber instrumental music. As part of the festival & laquo; Classic in Kuskovo & raquo; a concert devoted to the formation and existence of this genre in the classical era will take place. In the performance of the wonderful musicians Victor Yampolsky (piano), Mikhail Tsinman (violin), Natalia Savinova (cello), the piano trios of Viennese classics will perform: Haydn, Mozart and Beethoven. & Nbsp; Performed works reflect the various stages in the genre's formation in the second half of the 18th century: the initial & mdash; Haydn, more developed & mdash; Mozart and Beethoven.

Did you know that:

1) The genre of the piano trio appeared only in the middle of the 18th century. At the same time, it should be taken into account that instead of the modern pianoforte, specific types of this instrument, common at that time, participated in the ensemble. In the work of Haydn, the genre of the piano trio was only formed and was little like what we understand by this genre now. Haydn's stringed instruments, especially the cello, often duplicated the piano part, thereby supporting an instrument that was not so loud at the time.

2) Mozart's work already outlines a version of the genre that represents is an equal ensemble. String instruments and pianoforte already conduct a dialogue; This type of ensemble points to the further development of the genre.

3) The Beethoven trio to be performed at the concert is numbered as opus number 1, that is, the composer's first published works. In fact, this is not true, although the piano trios are indeed among the first published compositions of the composer. The publication of the trio under opus No. 1 says that the young Beethoven found it possible to illustrate his compositional style with these works.

Performers - The Rachmaninov Trio composed of:
Victor Yampolsky (piano)
Mikhail CINMAN (violin)
Natalia SAVINOVA & nbsp; (cello)

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