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адм Перхулов

  26 November at 17:00
Tickets availiable in ticket office or by phones:
The event has already passed

Performers: & nbsp;
Lena SEMENOVA (violin)
Sergey Nazarov (flute)
Oleg BUGAEV (cello)
Mikhail SHOSTAK (accordion)
Nadezhda ASTAPENKOVA (piano)

Milstein - Paganianian & nbsp;
Černi - Concert Duet for flute and piano
Haydn - Hungarian Rondo
Chopin - Introduction and brilliant polonaise for cello and piano
Couperin - Molotochki
Moszkowski - Spanish Caprice
Kreisler - Vienna Caprice; Hunting (in the style of J. Cartier)
Popp - Brilliant gallop for flute and piano op.250 №6
Popper - Hungarian Rhapsody for cello and piano op.68
Astier - Accordion with obstacles
Galliano - Waltz for Nicky; Tango for Claude
Gershwin - "A Gershwin Medley" (ar. - J. Grigg)
Gershwin - Potpourri on themes from Gershwin's works (arranged by Jordan Grigg)

What was popular music at the time Haydn, Beethoven and Liszt? Music, which was recently called & laquo; variety stage & raquo;, and now & ndash; & laquo; popsoy & raquo ;, the best samples of which were previously ranked as the hits, and now & ndash; to hits? Such music, of course, was in the days of the classics. And many of the hits of past epochs were created by the great founders of classical composer schools themselves. It is such popular miniatures that will be included in the program “Brilliant Caprice”.

This will be a brilliant firework of wonderful concert pieces for duets and ensembles of different instruments. It turns out, works that today would fit to call real & laquo; hits & raquo; wrote Francois Couperin, and Joseph Haydn, and Frederic Chopin. And, of course, the XIX century virtuosos & ndash; era, which raised the skill of a solo musician to an unprecedented level. The names of the outstanding performers of that time are pianists Carl Cherni and Moritz Moszkowski, violinist Fritz Kreisler, cellist David Popper and flutist William Popp & ndash; Today, perhaps, they are known only to a narrow circle of professionals, but at one time their writings were very real hits.

The legendary virtuoso of the time was Paganini. And his hits will be included in the program of the evening, however, in a very unusual form & ndash; in the form of fantasy on the themes of Paganini’s caprices of the great twentieth-century violinist Nathan Milstein. A native of the Russian Empire, since 1925 he emigrated and made up the glory of the Russian performing school in the West. And at the upcoming concert one of his most virtuosic plays will sound on a great instrument & ndash; the old violin of Joseph Guarneri, provided by the State Collection of Unique Old Instruments.

The final of the program will be the virtuoso plays of the twentieth century: fantasy for the accordion by the famous performer on this instrument Andre Astier, as well as one of the most famous compositions of the outstanding jazzman-accordionist Richard Galliano. And the latest impressive result will be a potpourri of George Gershwin’s works: the famous American conductor and composer Jordan Grigg created the arrangement for the most popular melodies of the 20th century American classic, and this composition became a truly modern hit.

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